Sybil's "My Merry Memoirs"... at Macy's...

Sybil Hun Ter Law Rence Macy's (1069).jpg

Have I told you about my adventures with one of my favorite photographers over the years?? Lawrence Hunter was by my side for so many of those planned (and UNplanned!) moments in one's career! Here's one from a Macy's Holiday announcement from a few years ago!

MACY'S CHRISTMAS NEWS FLASH!!!....Hey, folks!!! Macy's apparently has had a board meeting of the top execs and decided that "the whole Santa thing may have run its course" as CEO Myer Saltmeyer said so bluntly on Friday morning. Granted he may have been inspired by their parade-Santa finishing the route in front of the store, jumping off the sleigh-float, running into the Gourmet Dainty Delicacies and Cheery Beverages Department and downing two bottles of Drambuie in 20 minutes flat! He then ran to Ladies Intimates & Naughties and stripped down to a pair of SnowFlake Pasties and a Sprig 'o' Holly G-String and did the man-mambo in front of four nuns shopping for roller blades. Mr. Saltmeyer called my agent who called me and presented their project:... A new Christmas character named, are you ready?... "ELFIE-Ba".... a mischievous little creature who listens to the Christmas wishes of children around the world and gives them lessons in etiquette, penmanship, mattress trampoline, fine dining and appropriate utensil usage, and moisturizing. I think we're still going to be tweaking the basic concept and making adjustments! I'm not sure about the costume (though it IS jolly!), nor the decision to have the children line up on Macy's 6th floor at ELFIE-Ba's "pied-à-terre" (named "GAY Gardens"!) and sit beside her on a Louis XV chaise while servants prepare tea..."Earl Grey or Hu Kwa?"....What do you think??

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