Sybil’s “CHRISTMASES PAST!”… Mr. Grangely... at the Donner Pass.

Christmas Mr. Grangely (1094).jpg

One of the aspects of an American tragedy never spoken of.... During a particularly brutal Winter in the mountains a large group of travelers was trapped without supplies in a remote place. As things became increasingly desperate and as Christmas approached, kindly old Mr. Grangely decided to make things more cheerful for the children and alleviate their fear. He cobbled together a Santa costume from an old shopkeeper's red coat and a discarded mop and taught the children a game. Each of them was given a number to put into the "special basket", and Santa would draw the "magic" number. The winning child would be given a ride with Santa on his "reindeer" on Christmas Eve to give presents to all the children in the world. The settlers and children would wave to Santa and the "chosen" child as they rode off into the snow and the night. Santa would return on Christmas morning with a piping hot dinner for everyone to sit down and enjoy! The year was 1847....and well... we all know how that turned out... (postscript: After the remaining survivors were rescued, Mr. Grangely never lost that haunted look in his eyes, although he did change his name to Monsieur Chou-Chou and became the world-famous sous-chef at Delmonico's. He died many years later at the age of 91. All Paris mourned... and Delmonico's closed for three hours!....during lunchtime!)  

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