Sybil's "CHRISTMASES PAST!"... The Broken Railing...

Christmas THE BROKEN RAILING (1081).jpg

...and then, just as everyone was having a lovely time, and Miss Grendin ran up to tell the whole party that they would be wining and dining at the Rainbow Room, the flimsy railing at Macy's gave way and everyone; Mr. Dutworthy, Countess Jenxton, Captain Farntbuttle, and Santa himself plummeted down on the parade-goers. It was only as the ambulances arrived that it was discovered that the man playing Santa was actually the REAL SANTA CLAUS.... and that he would be paralyzed from the neck down...permanently. Countess Jenxton, who had only sprained her "cankle", and was known to be an inveterate optimist even in the face of both the San Francisco earthquake and later the Hindenburg (on which she was a passenger!) said simply that, being paralyzed, Santa could now have millions of children sit on him for days at a time with NO discomfort..... and everyone agreed later at dinner at the Rainbow Room that it was nice how things sometimes worked out, wasn't it?... Santa's nice nurse helped him nod his head and wiped the mince pie from his chin.

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