Sybil's "Springtime Weddings from Around the World!"... Pallpointe, PA.

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The wedding of Debbie Lindt; Long before people in polite society started to even whisper about fetishes, there was gossip about wedding nights involving stuffed animals, and “intimate apparel” made out of bath mats, artificial fur, discarded mink coats, and shag carpeting. Rumors had swirled in the girls’ locker room about Debbie for years, and then, finally, on her wedding day!... well, there it was. The evidence was everywhere; in the little caps, the muffs, the collars, and hemlines… and in the little “special guests” that joined the wedding party at Debbie’s invitation. That’s the “father of the bride” in the tux on the extreme left, and gay cousin “Pierre the Cocker-Poodle” on the far right!

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