Wedding News From Around the World!... Prayerful Corners, WY.

DATELINE! ....Prayerful Corners, Wyoming..... The On-Your-Knees Sepulchre & Souvenir Emporium is celebrating the once-a-year festival of Smile Day when brides-to-be, high school graduates, and Spelling B Finalists are allowed to wear colored clothing, prints, and even fabrics other than burlap. The mayor of Prayerful Corners cut the ribbon for the 24 hour parade and party on the traditional thirdThursday in July, when the normally somber citizens toss their black and grey garments to the floor and take their first baths of the year! Then it's every man, woman, and child for themselves! Many have saved up loose change and found pennies to buy fabric, Elmer's glue, and office staplers to put together any shreds of whimsy they can manage in the short time they have. It's a mad dash to weddings, award ceremonies, pie eating contests, piñata breaking, three-legged races, and karaoke barbecues! Because by midnight on Friday everything must be tossed into the giant Bonfire Of Stinky Sinfulness in the town square, and the holy vows of glad-to-be-gloominess begin again. Yes! Laugh it up ladies!.... in a few hours it's back on your knees, and NOT to catch a crepe paper bridal bouquet!

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