Sybil Bruncheon's "Christmases Past!".... Little Cyrus At Christmas Time....

   ...Little Cyrus felt so grown up since he'd decided not to go trick-or-treating with the other neighborhood children at Halloween. Dressing up as a vampire, a werewolf, or a mummy were "kid's stuff" in his sober opinion. But passing out candy to the kids that came to his own home still elicited screams of horror and panic in the street. He retreated to his room to study biology with his microscope….or to look through his telescope. At Thanksgiving, as "the man of the house", he offered to help carve the turkey, but his mother thought that might be dangerous...because of his slight… “depth-perception problem” while holding a knife.

    ...And then at Christmas time, Cyrus began to feel sad. None of the neighbor kids would go sledding with him, or build a snow fort, and his snow man would always end up with one lump of coal in the middle of its forehead in the morning. On the day his mother put up the tree in the parlor window, Cyrus would spend the whole afternoon by himself. It was his job to carefully unwrap all the lights and ornaments and tinsel.... he would string the cranberries and popcorn, and untangle the garlands, and after working several hours, his Christmas tree would be the loveliest and most famous in town!!.

    ...Then, as the darkness would gather, and the lighted tree would take on its magic, he would make his own special secret Christmas wish....for the present he wanted more than anything! ....He wished that he was a grown-up, and distinguished, and respected. Like a professor! Or a scientist! Or a senator! Or a President! Or even a King!!! ...with his very own monocle.

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