SYBIL'S "THANKSGIVINGS PAST!"... you are what you eat....


.....Sadly, this was the episode where the Waltons were trapped for 4 months in the winter on Walton Mountain. They were forced to make their supplies last by dining on some of their own relatives.... here the traditional Thanksgiving dinner has been the Jedediah/Sweet Potato Casserole with "bacon bits", the Betty Mae/Waldorf salad with "fritters", the Enoch/"Pigs"-in-a-blanket, the Clementine/Cranberry sauce with "sausage-ettes", the Fiona/ Artichokes and "Sweetbreads", and the Little Biff/S'mores avec "médaillons d'imitation de veau"....Despite their, "discomfort", the remaining family managed to celebrate the Holiday season happily, and the ratings for this episode broke all records up to that point....even surpassing The Bing Crosby Christmas-Cannibal Special..... starring the King Family …as an entire smörgåsbord table. 

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