Sybil's "CHRISTMASES PAST!"... Ding-A-Ling!!!

Red Riding Hood Christmas Collage.jpg

.... this video clip is rarer than hens' teeth. How many of you have even HEARD of "THE DANGEROUS CHRISTMAS OF RED RIDING HOOD" (1965) let alone seen it? Starring a remarkably frenetic Liza Minnelli (sniff, sniff), the incomparable Cyril Ritchard (of Captain Hook fame) as the sophisticated and misunderstood wolf, the perfectly pallid Vic Damone as a distracted woodsman, the rock group The Animals as a wolf pack, and the NYC ballet company as all the forest animals and townspeople! The original color print of the complete Christmas special on ABC and sponsored by General Electric has been lost (some say that Minnelli herself bought all the copies and destroyed them). The music and lyrics are by Styne and Merrill, fresh from their mega-success of FUNNY GIRL. 
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